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September NAJ Live provides ‘positivity’ and ‘collaboration’ for growing numbers

29 Sep 2020

naj live seaptember

Last week’s publicised ‘Rockin’ out’ NAJ Live provided many with a sense of ‘positivity and collaboration’, with talks from Gemmology Rocks founder Kerry Gregory and Maiko Eaton from Green Rocks.

The third NAJ Live hosted by NAJ Retail Ambassador Helen Dimmick took place from 10 am until midday on Thursday 24th September, and proved popular amongst many of the attendees, with the digital event’s attendee numbers continuing to grow.

Kerry Gregory, founder of Gemmology Rocks, an award-winning service provider spoke first and shared her in-depth practical experiences with a presentation titled ‘Modern Moissanite – what to look for now.’

Thanks to Kerry referencing a number of practical (and memorable) encounters as well as advising on the opportunities of modern moissanite, those who joined the online event were then better placed to decide if changes in business process, procedure or practice were required.

Reflecting on the event, Kerry said,

“NAJ Live was just what I needed today, and I think for many who ‘attended’ it would have been the same. There was a real focus on positivity, seeing opportunities and moving forwards.

“A common theme of collaboration, communication and customer-focused activities ran through the meeting, and I don't think anyone who attended could have left anything other than hopeful and motivated. Thanks to all who it made it happen.”

Also speaking at NAJ Live was Maiko Eaton from US synthetic and natural diamond supplier, Green Rocks. Green Rocks are a company with a rising profile in the UK and are perhaps best as a grower of lab-created diamonds as well as being a site holder and supplier of natural diamonds.

Jaysal Pattni from London based independent retailer Minar Jewellers attended the NAJ Live and won the bottle of champagne. Now attending his second NAJ Live Jaysal said,

"The speakers were both interesting and practical. By taking the time to attend the NAJ Live, I will be able to put some of those good ideas in place for my business"

The final speaker of the event was Ben Massey, NAJ’s Director of Marketing who shared the results of the Christmas Customer poll, the membership survey which aimed to derive a target audience for the Association's campaign activity.

Ben also provided a brief presentation ‘imagine that’, which explored how jewellers could balance imagery from the three distinct image categories of professional/ stock, branded and user-generated. Ben also referred to how a business might increase the balance of one type of imagery over another depending on the type of marketing communication, or location it is presented.


What is an NAJ Live?

Starting at 10am on the last Thursday of every month, NAJ Lives are a simple format of presentations from three industry experts, introduced and questioned by a knowledgeable guest host. The presentations are then followed up with a chance to see and hear from others on the call through a skype or zoom style ‘bubble’ discussion, which from October will start at 11.30am.

The next NAJ Live will take place on Thursday 29th October at 10am.

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Source: The National Association of Jewellers