Course Structure

During the day, students will:

  • Learn how to identify coloured gemstones, diamonds and diamond simulants, using tools such as the microscope and refractometer;
  • Learn how to read and interpret hallmarks;
  • Take a tour of the hallmarking floor;
  • Learn more about the amazing history of hallmarking.

This workshop will be of equal value to current/prospective JET students and other colleagues interested in getting some practical hand-on experience in identifying gemstones and diamonds and understanding hallmarks and the hallmarking process

JET students will need to bring:

  • 10x loupe
  • Bradbury’s Book of Hallmarks (or Jacksons Hallmarks Book)

Other colleagues will be able to borrow these items if they don’t already have them.


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Image: David Byrne also tutors the Practical Valuations Tutorial Course

About the tutor

David Byrne FIRV, FGA, DGA, PJ Val Dip. FNAJ

David is an independent jewellery valuer and tutor. With over 25 years’ experience he is a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers, a Fellow of the Gemmological Association, and a qualified diamond grader

His lifelong career within the jewellery business means that he has a wide range of experience and expertise valuing antique and modern jewellery, silverware and watches.

Working independently over many years his time is now split between valuing and cataloguing items for auction houses, insurance and probate valuations and delivering training courses and presentations for the National Association of Jewellers. He has also worked for Birmingham City University as a visiting lecturer at the Birmingham School of Jewellery.  



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