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Meet the Creatives: Theo Fennell

21 Apr 2020


The Jeweller editor, Belinda Morris, introduces Theo Fennell

On Tuesday morning we hosted the second webinar in a series that takes into the life (and kitchens) of jewellery designers… in this case globally-renowned, jeweller-to-the-stars, Theo Fennell.

Speaking to us not from his Fulham Road shop of course, but from his study at home, he took us back to the start of his jewellery journey following a foundation course at York College of Art. His early interest in portraiture was set aside when the chance of a job in a Hatton Garden workshop came up, but was to make an important appearance later in his career.

He readily admits that opening his first shop in the early ‘80s was arguably too soon and one of a ‘bundle of mistakes’ he has made in the course of his 40-plus years in the industry. But nonetheless, it caught the eye of Elton John – ‘a really big moment’, which led to commissions and many invaluable introductions across the celebrity world.


Talking us through a few key jewellery pieces, Theo emphasises his overarching commitment to craftsmanship and his passion for keeping traditional skills alive through his employment of highly talented setters, mounters, engravers, enamellers, stone cutters etc – both in his own workshop above the store (‘the beating heart of the business’) and in workshops across the country.

He is also committed to helping young designer-makers find their way in the jewellery trade, through encouragement and advice. In his talk, he passes on some of that hard-earned wisdom, in a nutshell.


If you missed the webinar, watch it below:


Source: The National Association of Jewellers