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When one member works with another member we know good things can happen - and so we're keen to do our best to promote it.

As a member of the NAJ it's free to submit an incentive to Member Marketplace, and if relevant it will appear in the NAJ Member Marketplace in the members area - where all NAJ members can see what discounts or additional services (for example) they are eligible for.

We promote access to this page, and we generally use the incentives themselves - so please also submit a press release and logo via this form. You'll not be suprised to learn that we'll generally promote exclusive Member Marketplace incentives in the most part. 

If you offer NAJ members an incentive, whether that be a discount, extended terms or specialist service, complete the form below and we'll make sure we list the incentive on the member to members offers webpage.

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Your commitment

By submitting a Member Marketplace incentive via this form you are confirming that:

  1. For all members who appear in the Check a Member tool you will honour the incentive you have submitted. 
  2. If you lapse your membership, your Member Marketplace listing will cease.



Submit your Member Marketplace incentive

Is this Member Marketplace incentive exclusive to NAJ Members?

We will order incentives in alphabetical order where appropriate, however if an offer is exclusive to NAJ members we will always feature exclusive offers above non-exclusive offers (where appropriate).

Listing your offer

In order for us to accurately categorise your Member Marketplace incentive, please can you check the most relevant heading(s) below.