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The Jeweller’s Style Edit ‘22

23 Sep 2021

MD Jewellers

Image: MD Jewellers' Edwardian brooch

Autumn has finally arrived, which means STYLE EDIT 22' has some new pieces for you to include into your jewellery collection. 

Introduced last year as part of the NAJ’s targeted consumer PR campaign. 

Here's another curated edit of 22 beautiful jewellery pieces ranging from elegant to bright, bold, and colourful styles for now, the festive season, and 2022.

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Deakin and Francis

 1. Deakin & Francis

Signet rings never went away, but now they’re a hot trend. We love that Birmingham maker Deakin & Francis uses Single Mine Origin certified gold for all its signet rings. That’s gold produced by a legitimate mining operation with no links to conflict, where miners are paid a just wage under secure employment. ‘Good as gold’ is just that in this case.

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 MD Jewellers

2. MD Jewellers, Grantham

Be Zoom-ready in this stunning pre-loved Edwardian brooch – it ticks so many trend boxes. In 18ct yellow gold and silver topped set with a total of about 3ct of old cut diamonds, it screams quality. Its star shape is so on point, and with its converter, it’s multi-functional: it works beautifully as a pendant, too.

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 Ungar and Ungar

 3. Ungar & Ungar

If you like, you can think of it as royal inspiration: classic rings with coloured gemstones nestling among little diamonds. It might be a blue sapphire, aquamarine or padparadscha sapphire. In this case, it’s a bold tsavorite in a gorgeous vintage-style ring – fit for royalty but with ‘me’ written all over it.

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4. Ntinga

Initial pendants are definitely a thing (to give or keep all for yourself). But in keeping with a growing interest in all things precious, we think a generous sprinkling of diamonds is in order. Fancy Alphabetti Confetti.

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2 Pomegranate

5. Pomegranate

Statement earrings really stand out on screen. There are so many to choose from, but these moonstone and labradorite chain link chandelier beauties bring the pazazz in a subtle way... if you know what I mean.

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 2 Corrao 3

6. Corrao

Nailing a growing desire for premium fine jewellery, plus the love of beautiful colours, these neat-yet-vibrant 18ct gold and platinum eternity rings stun with precious gemstones.

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 2 Andre Micheal

 7. Andre Michael 

If you’re a ‘say it with diamonds’ kind of person, you might prefer to express yourself with this look-at-me finger candy. From a collection of pretty fancy pavé diamond rings, it sparkles, it has impact and brings a lot of bling for your buck. Dramatic hand gestures required for this one.

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2 Alison Moore

8. Alison Moore

Jewellery featuring birthstones is perennially popular, and particularly pertinent right now. Alison Moore’s Nebula gold rings are a great example and stack beautifully to mash up birthstones of several loved ones.

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9. Alex Monroe

The natural world is a constant source of inspiration, and few capture it more appealingly than Alex Monroe. He’s definitely a go-to designer for bee jewellery, but we also love his new Fables Collection featuring all manner of flora and fauna: hares, howling dogs, cockerels...

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 1 Sheldon Bloomfield

10. Sheldon Bloomfield

Whether you want to celebrate a rainbow – symbolising hope, peace and equality – or you simply love bright colours, this brilliant circle pendant set with multi-hued sapphires is rocking it.

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11. Tateossian

We’re in the mood for magic and mysticism currently, and for jewellery this can translate into many different talismanic forms, from evil eye motifs to amulet symbols and objects. Believe or don’t believe – Tateossian’s gold-plated steel Protective Amulet pieces look cool either way.

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12. Mishanto

The desire to connect has become stronger than ever in the past 18 months and jewellery has proved the perfect symbol of friendship. Mishanto’s friendship bracelets, with 18ct gold details, are in the new pentagonal collection, which taps into the symbolism of five – health and love among many other things.

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 LoveLox at Engravers Guild

13. Lovelox

The Engravers Guild of London has launched Lovelox, a new collection of lockets in precious metals, in different designs. They’re a perfect way to capture memories and keep loved ones close to your heart. And if you want to be totally on trend, you can also keep them close to your solar plexus... by wearing them on a long chain, as 13a Lime Tree Design’s necklace demonstrates. 

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 Ingle and Rhode

14. Ingle & Rhode

Attracted by traceable and ethically sourced gems and Fairtrade or recycled metals, for many, ethical credentials drive jewellery choices. Ingle & Rhode “create one-of-a-kind jewellery the wearer can feel really good about” – like this pretty  diamond and ruby trilogy ring.

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 Lime Tree Design

15. Lime Tree Designs

Classic jewellery – like charm bracelets, chains with T-bars, tennis bracelets, chunky curb chains – is a thing. We like this particular thing: a sterling-silver chain bracelet with T-bar fastening and St Christopher medallion (but you could choose a star or a sunburst if that's more you). 

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 Sif Jakobs

16. Sif Jakobs

Every now and again, I like to go over to the dark side, and while Sif Jakobs’ autumn collection is brimming with bright colours, delicate sparkles, charms and chains, I’m drawn to the moody glimmer of black stones. With gold. Take this Ellera Uno Black ring (there are hoops, too). Yes, please! 

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 Sonkai, Norwich

17. Sonkai, Norwich

Both online and face-to-face in-store, bespoke service has become an increasingly important element in the repertoire of very many NAJ jewellery retail members. We applaud this trend. Sonkai, like many others, is very happy to use the customers’ own stones or metals in the design.

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18. Anuka

If you like your jewellery to tick plenty of ethical boxes and you love simple, clean lines, seek out Anuka, by Francesca Kippax. Transparency is at the heart of her business, which makes jewellery in recycled silver and Fairmined gold, uses Provenance block chain technology and sources diamonds and gemstones back to the mines.

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London Pearl

19. London Pearl

What’s not to love about a classical string of pearls? But why stop there when this gorgeous organic gem has so much more to offer, playing a central role in unusual designs. Choose a Tahitian black pearl (which can often have green, blue or aubergine tones) and you can marry simplicity with drama – as in these fabulous earrings with diamonds.

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 CW Sellors

20. CW Sellors

Flashing myriad intense colours, opals come in so many guises, making them a gift to jewellery designers. This stunning abstract-shaped pendant features an organic, unique hand-carved opal gemstone in an 18ct yellow gold wire frame. Think contemporary luxe, but CW Sellors has a great range of opal jewellery to suit all pockets.

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Diana Porter

21. Diana Porter, Bristol

A diamond doesn’t have to be crystal clear and brilliantly sparkly – there are those who like their stones with character and imperfections. At Diana Porter, they describe it as ‘rough-luxe’... which we like. They chose their rose-cut diamonds for their exceptional hues and unusual cuts, sourced from the Jwaneng Mine in Botswana and crafted from 18ct Fairtrade gold. Two boxes ticked.

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 Charlotte Cornelius

22. Charlotte Cornelius

Reuse, recycle, remodel – it’s the most personal service of transforming inherited and old jewellery into new one-of-a-kind pieces that capture memories and emotions. It’s also a double whammy because it means zero waste – a very beautiful example of a circular economy.

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