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NAJ Resolve is the dispute resolution service fully funded by the National Association of Jewellers to provide a transparent and accessible forum where dissatisfied customers can seek redress while avoiding stressful confrontation. This Service is operated in conjunction with the Centre for Dispute Resolution (CEDR) 

Before completing the below complaint form, please ensure that: 

  • The jewellery business you are making a complaint about is a member of the Association 
  • The complaint is about a product or service that can be resolved through the service 
  • You have exhausted the complaints process with the member business 
  • The issue or occurrence has happened within the last 12 months 
  • You will submit enough information and supporting media for the complaint to be assessed. 


Submit your complaint

More details and information about the item and/or service. 

For example, please ensure you include: 

  • Overall dimensions of the article 

  • Dimensions of interest iebroken link measures xx or the diameter of the ring is xx size of missing stone if known? 

  • Any comment on shape iemisshapen or knocked 

  • What metal has been used and if it is hallmarked 

Please upload any supporting media such as photos or videos to support the complaint.

Please enter the correspondence between both parties thus far.

Please make sure the 'I confirm my complaint meets the above criteria' box is checked, otherwise you will not be able to submit your form.