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Safer Gems

What is SaferGems?

Co-ordinated by a specialist independent team who have direct access to police intelligence, SaferGems delivers the sharing of vital information received from SaferGems scheme members and the police to alert members across the UK to the possibility of crime in their geographical area.

Funded by the NAJ and TH March, the scheme started in 2009 and has delivered more than 2500 alerts in 10 years.

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How does it work?

After joining NAJ, you will be subscribed to the SaferGems Mailing List. Once the SaferGems team receive intelligence about potential issues, a notification is distributed to the membership via email.

The membership can also share intelligence with the central team, which can also be distributed in order to ensure the membership is as SecurityWise as possible.

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Contact the SaferGems team

Telephone: 01905 342 051


The British Security Industry Association Ltd
Anbrian House
1 The Tything
WR1 1HD.