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Christening Jewellery Ideas - Unique Gifts for Adults and Little Ones

05 Jul 2021

Tribal Steel 2

Written by The Jeweller editor Belinda Morris.

Much has been said and written about weddings recently – how they’ve had to be put on hold; how, happily, they’re now back on the horizon; how much we’re looking forward to celebrating again…

But they’re not the only cause for celebration – Covid or no Covid, babies are still being born, which gives us all another joyous excuse for gift-giving. I’m not thinking about presents at a baby shower – fluffy bunnies, sleepsuits and pampering stuff for mummies – but the more personal, forever gifts that are bestowed at a naming ceremony.

Exactly what type of gift will often depend on the culture and religion of the baby’s family, but welcoming a child into the world and congratulating the parents (as well as grandparents and the wider family) is generally accompanied by a little something to cherish.

Christening gifts are traditionally silver items – silver was to wish the newborn happiness and prosperity. Silver represented an investment for the future and even today napkin rings, tankards, spoons, egg cups, rattles, brush and comb sets… in silver are sweet and popular presents – particularly from godparents.

It could be however that you’re struggling with the idea that a baby will ever have the need for a silver napkin ring, even if it has come from Tiffany. Don’t worry, there are more contemporary, useful, options. Sadly, I was not presented with a Winnie the Pooh silver money box when I was born, but I’d definitely love it and proudly display it today if I had one. And I know some pretty grown-up girls who would be very happy with a Mulan, Cinderella or Elsa music carousel by Royal Selangor – there are some things you’re never too old for. And what big boy wouldn’t treasure a Robotopia spork forever? The coming-soon range from Royal Selangor is inspired by vintage clockwork tin toys, so what’s not to love?

Of course, it’s really the proud parents who will be appreciating the cute silver trinkets, like Gecko’s first tooth and first curl boxes. The lids are adorned with a sweet little giraffe or zebra – a nod to the infant’s taste in décor – but some adult will already be seeing them as jolly handy, and very decorative, stud earring boxes. It’s a win-win thing really… you can’t go wrong with that kind of present. Same goes for Tregawne’s engravable pewter christening cup – so pretty, too good to be hidden in a drawer and perfect for holding cotton buds on a dressing table… surely! Their Stork silver birth spoon fulfils the celebratory function –places to engrave name, date of birth, time, weight etc – but also comes in handy forever as a… spoon. Perfect.

If you’re now of a mind to intentionally gift the parents, may I suggest a charming piece of jewellery by designer Charlotte Lowe whose etched silver pendants feature images of daddies and/or mummies hand-in-hand with a child or children. They can also come with a tiny gold heart charm which is super sweet. Back to baby – as it’s universally accepted that there is no such thing as having too much jewellery, it would be a kindness to start their collection off with a bracelet… silver or otherwise.

There are plenty out there, from traditional, expandable bangles, to something a little more contemporary (or classic with a twist). I love the freshwater cultured pearl bracelet with a heart from Beaverbrooks’ Mini B collection and Gecko’s silver bangle with cross and engravable disc charm. If you feel something a little less formal is called for, Tribal Steel’s white leather bracelet with its heart and diamanté charms combines infant sweetness with a funky edge – the child will really thank you for this, as soon as they’re able to!

Whatever type of gift you’d like to give – for parent or child – search our jewellers directory to find a reputable jeweller who can help you to select the perfect piece.

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Silver tooth and curl boxes by Beginnings at Gecko

Gecko silver curl and tooth boxes



Charlotte Lowe

Charlotte Lowe silver pendant



Tregawne christening mug

Tregawne christening mug 



Mini B Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl Heart Charm Bracelet, £39 from Beaverbrooks

Beaverbrooks Mini B silver and freshwater pearl bracelet 



Mulan music carousel by Royal Selangor

Royal Selangor Mulan music carousel. Stocked by: Ainsworth, Blackburn; A.Lea Jewellers, Aberdare; Ernest Jones; Ruddells, Harborne; Bramwells, Durham; Adrian Gaunt, Monmouth; Tennant & Darragh, Ilkley


Robotopa spork by Royal Selangor

Royal Selangor Robotopia spork 



Tregawne silver Stork Birth spoon

Tregawne Silver Stork spoon  



Bracelet by Beginnings at Gecko

Gecko Silver bracelet by Beginnings 



Tribal Steel white leather and stainless steel kids bracelet

Tribal Steel Leather and stainless steel bracelet




C W Sellors Silver and Whitby jet bangle  



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